Sha Yan Therapy


Activate blood circulation and remove stasis

a therapeutic process that aims to enhance the flow of blood throughout the body and eliminate stagnation or blockages in the blood vessels.

Eliminate toxins

process of removing harmful substances or waste products from the body

Expel cold and dispel dampness

a concept rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, where the balance of the body's internal environment is crucial for health

Regulate rheumatism

Alleviate rheumatism through therapeutic practices.

Fade blemishes and acne

Diminish blemishes and acne for a clearer complexion.

Soften and tenderize the skin

removes dead skin cells, revealing the softer, smoother layer beneath

Burn calories and control body weight

Burn calories and control body weight

Supplement trace elements

Enhance your body with essential trace elements for improved well-being.

Improve constitution

This could involve things like eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and managing stress.

Enhance microcirculation in the body and balance energy

What is Sha Yan Therapy

The Sand Moxibustion Mineral Therapy originates from traditional Uighur medical practices and was listed as a national-level intangible cultural heritage in 2014. It is currently a new trend in international fitness and health. The indoor Sand Moxibustion Mineral Therapy inherits the intangible cultural heritage of Uighur medicine, combining it with modern health needs. It incorporates elements such as Xinjiang desert sand, Pakistani salt sand, sulfur, negative ions, tourmaline, and electric stone ore. Through the comprehensive effects of heat, pressure, magnetic force, massage, and the various mineral elements, it effectively promotes blood circulation, dispels stasis, eliminates dampness, and regulates symptoms related to rheumatism. Building upon conventional sand therapy, an innovative mineral therapy bed has been developed, embedding a large amount of black tourmaline and Himalayan mineral salt bricks in the bed. This addition introduces new functions, such as calming the nerves, regulating Qi and blood, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as soothing allergies.

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Xinjiang Desert Sand

With prolonged sunlight exposure, it is rich in magnetic minerals. Regulates human health through a magnetic field.

Pakistani Mineral Salt

Promotes blood circulation and cell regeneration.

Sulfur Ore

Acts on the human body after low-temperature heating, helping the body enhance cold resistance and improve cold limbs.

Negative Ion Ore

Releases a large number of negative ions, promoting metabolism.

Tourmaline Ore

Rich in 58 beneficial constant and trace elements for the human body, rapidly improving metabolism.

Electric Stone Ore

Heating releases electromagnetic waves, continually affecting the body.

Himalayan Mineral Salt Bricks

Large pieces of pure "salt fossil" can have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, soothing sensitive skin.

Black Tourmaline Ore

When heated, it releases calming and sedative substances, helping the body relax the nerves.


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